Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Magical Stories

Die englische Ausgabe der "Magischen Geschichten" von Annemarie Nikolaus liegt jetzt auch als Taschenbuch-Ausgabe vor. Sie ist bei Amazon erhältlich, kann aber auch über den Buchhandel bestellt werden.

Magical Stories. ISBN 978-1479157037

Magic and wisdom connect with reality and legend. Meet a water ghost, a young magician, a magical hare and a good witch.
Discover what happens when a force of nature collides with the thoughtlessness of men.
Consider wisely and well before you wish or else...some very bad things will happen.
And prepare to have your heart warmed by a very particular Christmas story.
Short stories that are not only for children.
“The Brook“ and “Cork“ have previously been published in German, the Christmas story in Italian.

A reader's voice: "The four stories were a delight to read. (...) They had an interesting theme of not interfering with nature. Or, in the last one, with the Christmas witch. At times I could tell that English was not the author's native language. Instead of distracting me, it added an extra fairy-tale feel to the stories."

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